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Cloud Training in London

Cloud technology can be best described as a collection of concepts that enable pooling of IT resources for enhanced access, scalability and performance. In simple terms, one can think of it as a massive data center that can handle any requirements.

Cloud technology is changing the way businesses and users interact and use IT resources around the world. A decade ago, setting up an online business website and managing users required significant effort and money for servers, capacity, bandwidth etc. Cloud technology has changed the model by removing these high cost and investment barriers. Many companies do not even have to think or worry about setting up data centers or setting up big IT teams.

Cloud technology enables applications and services to be delivered to users dynamically when they need it from the cloud. Managing uneven volumes of traffic becomes easy because cloud technology caters to pooling and releasing resources dynamically. Think of the iTunes stores and how music is available for download for millions of users.

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Cloud Certification London

  • Course Name: Cloud Technology Associate
  • Location: London
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Course Price:
  • Exam Fees included?: Yes
  • Average number of participants: 10-20
  • Minimum requirements: No minimum requirements

Course Features

Our 4 days Cloud certification training in London prepares an individual to obtain 3 certifications during the course of the training. 1. CompTIA cloud essentials certification, 2. Virtualization essentials certification , 3. Cloud Technology Associate certification. The 4 days of instructor-led trainings covers everything one needs to know to successfully lead or manage a cloud based project. The training covers the latest technology concepts and best practices.

• 4 days of Instructor-led training
• Cloud Technology Course Manual
• CompTIA Cloud Course book
• CompTIA cloud essentials exam voucher
• Virtualization exam voucher
• Option to attend future classes as a refresher

Course Outline

Our Cloud certification training is ideal for anyone in the IT field who is keen on leveraging the benefits of cloud deployment. The training is a mix of technical and business concepts. There is no requirement for hardware experience for the program. A general understanding of information technology is sufficient. The training uses a case study based approach to learning.

In addition to the below topics, the following concepts are also covered in detail:

    •    Designing Cloud based solutions
    •    Governance of a cloud based model
    •    Application scalability
    •    Mobile cloud computing
    •    Disaster recovery and business continuity

Introduction to Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Covering the relationship between internet and cloud computing. Exploring different cloud deployment models such as private cloud, public cloud, community cloud and hybrid clouds. This module also covers the current market leaders in cloud and how they differentiate their service offering. Virtualization is when a single server is made to appear as multiple independent servers running the same or different operating systems.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you have ever used a browser to buy something online, you have likely used the Software as a Service model. In this module of the training, we cover concepts of mash-ups, pros and cons of a SaaS model, security risks. This module also addresses the role of OpenSaaS solutions and role of Application Service Providers (ASPs).

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This is akin to providing cloud solutions that run on Windows or a Linus based operating system and support specific programming environment for developers such as .NET or Java. This model makes it easy for a development team to be put together and get started on work without worrying so much about the hardware and the configurations. In most cases, an entire IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is made available through the cloud as a platform.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

When companies require more control over their platform, services and other resources. This is similar to having one’s own turnkey datacenter through the internet. Ideal for larger companies, the IaaS solution requires the customer to install and manage the systems. This module covers the concepts of colocation; Network attached storage (NAS), load balancing, redundancy etc.

Collaboration and Cloud Computing

This module addresses the technologies involved in setting up services such as blogging, virtual meeting, virtual presentation, VoIP, streaming media and Wiki’s in the cloud. Cloud computing has changed the way teams and individuals interact and collaborate.


This module addresses storage concepts in cloud with discussions centered on cloud based storage. The module covers in detail cloud based database solutions, security concerns and industry specific data storage solutions. Other concepts covered here include Storage area Network (SAN), NAS, Cloud File System(CFS) and cloud data management interface (CDMI).


Through virtualization, servers can run multiple operating systems and increase CPU utilization. Instead of having 5 servers dedicated to performing 5 specific set of functions, virtualization can have one server performing 5 different functions. This reduces the total number of servers required and subsequently costs associated with maintaining different servers. This module covers in details concepts of guest operating systems, virtual desktop, virtual server, virtual private network and Hypervisor.

Cloud Security

One of the biggest concerns that companies have about cloud solutions is around security issues. This module addresses security advantages and disadvantages of cloud solutions. There is also in-depth coverage of data wiping processes and DDoS attack issues. Other concepts covered in the module include packet sniffing, SQL-injection attacks, hyperjacking attacks and Denial of service attacks.

Cloud Operations and migration

This module discusses Service Level Agreements (SLAs), vendor management, help desk procedures, ROI on cloud investments, testing and validation. The module also addresses steps for predictive analytics and load testing on a site. From a migration point of view, this module addresses concepts related to cloud bursting, vendor lock-ins etc.

Business Perspective

The main benefit of moving towards a cloud based IT model is to reduce the operating expenses of maintaining a traditional IT environment with data centers, support teams and other big IT expenditures. Cloud solutions offer tremendous economies of scale. This module addresses the steps involved in determining capital expenditures (CAPEX), operational expenditures (OPEX), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Course Dates

Our Cloud Certification classes usually run according to schedule unless there is a major event affecting the schedule.

Upcoming Course Dates

18-19, 25-26 2014 January



22-23, 29-30 March 2014



17-18, 24-25 May 2014



21-24 July 2014




Frequently Asked Questions

The cloud certification training is 4 full days in duration 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Cloud training leads to 3 certifications that you will receive:
• Cloud Technology Associate certified
• CompTIA Cloud Essentials certified
• Virtualization Essentials certified

Passing the CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam and the Virtualization Essentials exams automatically leads to obtaining the Cloud Technology Associate certificate. There is no exam specific to obtaining the Cloud Technology Associate certificate.

Yes. The exam can be taken on the 4th day of the class or it can be taken at any time afterwards. For those who prefer to take the exam on the 4th day, this will be during the latter half of the day and is paper based. For those who prefer to take the exam after the class, this will be computer based at a Pearson Vue testing center.

There are two exams that are part of the course: CompTIA cloud essentials exam and the Virtualization essentials exam. Each exam is 60 minutes in duration. The CompTIA cloud essentials exams contains 50 multiple choice questions and the Virtualization Essential exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions.

The exams are taken in class on the last day of the class. The exams are closed book format. The exams can also be taken at a Pearson Vue testing center.

The cloud certification training course does not assume any prior experience or requirement. Anyone interested in cloud computing can attend and take the exam.

Each of our trainers come with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the industry. Most of our trainers work as project managers or program managers. Our trainers are mostly from London, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines or India. They are accredited to do training by the certificate awarding bodies including CompTIA and Cloud Credential Council.

Yes. We do provide a pass assurance based on certain conditions. You need to attend all 4 days of training and take the exam on the last day of the class. In case you fail the exam, we will pay for your re-sit fees one time.

Enrolling is easy. You can do it online by clicking on the enroll button on top or send us an email or call us at +65 66381203.

I you are a London PR/Citizen, you are eligible for the CITREP funding support which provides 50% funding for the course and exam.
Discounts are available for sign-ups of two or more.
In case you are unemployed or in between jobs, you get special discounted rates on the published price. Call us for more details.