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ITIL® Foundation Certificate London

iKompass is the leading training provider for ITIL Foundation in UK. We have successfully trained thousands of professionals across a range of industries. In London, our ITIL foundation certification program has had a 100 percent pass rate over the last 1 year. The training is delivered by leading industry experts in a fun filled, case study based classroom environment.  After the training, you can look forward to obtaining your certification within a week.

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and is a collection of best practices in the area of technology infrastructure. ITIL is a recognized international standard for the IT service management profession. It contains established norms, methods, processes, and practices. ITL standards provide guidelines for managing IT services, creating IT service capabilities and enhancing IT service management.

The importance of IT services and IT infrastructure to an organization cannot be under estimated in the current business environment. The increasing acceptance of a process based approach to managing IT indicates that the application of appropriate knowledge, skills, processes, tools and techniques can have a significant impact on business success.

Our ITIL courses aim to improve the quality of the IT sector, IT users and IT professionals by means of quality education. Our education offering takes into account the linkage in strategic, tactical and operational functions within an organization. This makes it easy for participants to envisage a customized ICT service management methodology for their organization.

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Course Features

  • 2 days instructor led training
  • No in-depth experience needed
  • Case-study based learning
  • ITIL course manual
  • Exam voucher – additional £180
  • After class support if needed
  • High energy learning environment

Course Features

• 2 days instructor led training
• No experience needed
• Case study based  based learning
• ITIL course manual
• Practice questions
• After class support if needed
• High octane learning environment

Course Outline

Introduction to ITIL

IT service management is an increasingly important area of study for all IT professionals. IT managers are realizing that, whatever the technology in use, the requirements to manage that technology efficiently and effectively and to deliver services that are aligned to the business requirement have never been more important.

Service Management

This module introduces the concept of service management and explores a number of key areas that enable the management of services in an operational environment. It also introduces the ITIL framework, which is a source of best practices in service management.

Service Strategy

This module explores the service strategy lifecycle stage. This is often referred to as the core of the service lifecycle, and it sets the strategic approach for the whole of the lifecycle, leading into the operational environment. The concepts that are explored in this module set the policies for the whole service lifecycle and cover important aspects relating to how IT service management provides value to customers.

Service Design

This stage starts with a customer requirement for a new or changed service and finishes when a service that matches that need is ready to be handed over to the transition phase (together with the service design package that documents all aspects of the design). It is the aim of the transition stage to build and test the service and deploy it successfully into the operational environment, where it becomes the responsibility of the operation stage.

Service Transition

This module explores the service transition stage of the life cycle, and looks in detail at the change management process. In the next chapter, we will consider the other service transition processes. The service transition lifecycle stage is concerned with the delivery of a new or changed service into the live operational environment.

Continual Service Improvement

In this module, we’ll cover the continual service improvement lifecycle stage. This is a separate stage of the lifecycle, but it doesn’t work in isolation. Perhaps even more than any of the other stages, this lifecycle stage affects the whole approach for service management. The desire to improve is often the driving force behind using the service lifecycle in an organization, although it may not be recognized as such at the start.

Service Operation Lifecycle

This module covers the how the IT service provider organizes to deliver the services to the required standard. The service operation stage is when the service is actually being delivered, and often is a much longer stage than the previous stages of strategy, design and transition. We will cover the purpose, objectives, and scope for each process, along with the value it provides to the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 2 day ITIL Foundation certificate course does not have any pre-requisites and is beginner focused.

We get participants from different backgrounds and age groups. Below is a typical distribution based on the classes we have conducted:

• Male – 60%, Female-40%
• Age 18-25 : 20%
• Age 26-35: 35%
• Age 35-45:30%
• Age 46 and above: 15%

The day starts at 9:00 with a short review of what was covered the previous day. The instructor then spends about 15 minutes explaining a concept and another 15 minutes demonstrating. The next 60 minutes is for a participant to try out the new skill. During this time, the instructor will assist each one until everyone is on the same page. This cycle then repeats again with a new concept. You will be provided some test or homework at the end of the day.

The course is not difficult but it is intense. You are expected to learn a lot of concepts and as such may feel overwhelmed with knowledge. This is natural and is part of the immersive learning process. The Instructors are available after class in case you need additional support or guidance.

Our instructors for have at least 10 years experience in the IT Field. They come from different backgrounds such as banking, oil & gas, consumer goods etc., They are all accredited by the certificate awarding body.

We strongly advise you against missing any sessions since you may not be able to catch up when you are back. Since this is an immersion program, we expect you to dedicate your attention towards learning and stay away from distractions. Of course, in case of emergency you can miss a session and our Instructor will try to spend time with you to help you catch up.

Nothing. We will provide you with the course material on the first day.

Enrolling is easy. You can do it online by clicking on the enroll button on top or send us an email or call us at +44 203 514 0518

Discounts are available for sign-ups of two or more.

In case you are unemployed or in between jobs or a student, you get special discounted rates on the published price. Call us for more details.